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  • 03/26/2021
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Creating MPI FFTW2 Wrapper Library

The source code for the wrappers, makefiles, and files with lists of wrappers are located in the
subdirectory in the
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
A wrapper library contains C wrappers for Complex One-dimensional MPI FFTW Transforms and Complex Multi-dimensional MPI FFTW Transforms. The library also contains empty C wrappers for Real Multi-dimensional MPI FFTW Transforms. For details, see MPI FFTW Wrappers Reference.
Parameters of a makefile specify the platform (required), compiler, and data precision. Specifying the platform is required. The makefile comment heading provides the exact description of these parameters.
To build the library, run the
command on Linux* OS and macOS* or the
command on Windows* OS with appropriate parameters.
For example, on Linux OS the command
make libintel64
builds a double-precision wrapper library for Intel® 64 architecture based applications using Intel MPI and the
Intel® oneAPI
(compilers and data precision are chosen by default.).
A makefile creates the wrapper library in the directory with the
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
libraries corresponding to the used platform. For example,
(on Linux OS) or
(on Windows* OS).
In the wrapper library names, the suffix corresponds to the used data precision. For example,
on Windows OS;
on Linux OS.

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