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Building Your Own Wrapper Library

The MPI FFTW wrappers for FFTW3 are delivered as source code, which can be compiled to build a wrapper library.
The source code for the wrappers, makefiles, and files with lists of functions are located in subdirectory
.\interfaces fftw3x_cdft
in the
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
To build the wrappers,
  1. Change the current directory to the wrapper directory
  2. Run the
    command on Linux* OS or the
    command on Windows* OS with a required target and optionally several parameters.
The target
defines the platform architecture, and the other parameters specify the compiler, size of the default
type, as well as the name and placement of the resulting wrapper library. You can find a detailed and up-to-date description of the parameters in the makefile.
In the following example, the
command is used to build the MPI FFTW wrappers to
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
for use from the GNU C compiler on Linux OS based on Intel® 64 architecture:
cd interfaces/fftw3x_cdft make libintel64 compiler=gnu mpi=openmpi INSTALL_DIR=/my/path  
This command builds the wrapper library using the GNU gcc compiler so that the final executable can use Open MPI, and places the result, named
, into directory

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