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For more information about the
BLAS, Sparse BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, Sparse Solver, Extended Eigensolver, VM,
, FFT, and Non-Linear Optimization Solvers
functionality, refer to the following publications:
  • BLAS Level 1
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  • BLAS Level 2
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  • BLAS Level 3
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  • Sparse BLAS
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  • Sparse Solver
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  • Extended Eigensolver
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  • VS
    Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions Programming Reference
    . (
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    [SSL Notes]
    Intel® oneMKL
    Summary Statistics Application Notes
    , a document present on the
    Intel® oneMKL
    product at
    [VS Notes]
    Intel® oneMKL
    Vector Statistics Notes
    , a document present on the
    Intel® oneMKL
    product at
    [VS Data]
    Intel® oneMKL
    Vector Statistics Performance
    , a document present on the
    Intel® oneMKL
    product at
  • VM
    ISO/IEC 9899:1999/Cor 3:2007. Programming languages -- C.
    Elementary functions: algorithms and implementation
    , Birkhauser Boston, 1997.
    IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic. ANSI/IEEE Std 754-2008.
    [VM Data]
    Intel® oneMKL
    Vector Mathematics Performance and Accuracy
    , a document present on the
    Intel® oneMKL
    product at
  • FFT
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  • Optimization Solvers
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  • Data Fitting Functions
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