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  • 10/21/2020
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Sparse Matrix Storage Formats for Sparse BLAS Routines

The current version of
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
Sparse BLAS Level 2 and Level 3 routines support the following point entry [Duff86] storage formats for sparse matrices:
  • compressed sparse row
    format (CSR) and its variations;
  • compressed sparse column
    format (CSC);
  • coordinate
  • diagonal
  • skyline
    storage format;
and one block entry storage format:
  • block sparse row
    format (BSR) and its variations.
For more information see "Sparse Matrix Storage Formats" in
"Linear Solvers Basics"
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
provides auxiliary routines -matrix converters - that convert sparse matrix from one storage format to another.

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