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Data Fitting Computational Routines

Data Fitting computational routines are functions used to perform spline-based computations, such as:
  • spline construction
  • computation of values, derivatives, and integrals of the predefined order
  • cell search
Once you create a Data Fitting task and initialize the required parameters, you can call computational routines as many times as necessary.
The table below lists the available computational routines:
Data Fitting Computational Routines
Constructs a spline for a one-dimensional Data Fitting task.
Computes spline values and derivatives.
Computes spline values and derivatives by calling user-provided interpolants.
Computes spline-based integrals.
Computes spline-based integrals by calling user-provided integrators.
Finds indices of cells containing interpolation sites.
Finds indices of cells containing interpolation sites by calling user-provided cell searchers.
If a Data Fitting computation completes successfully, the computational routines return the
code. If an error occurs, the routines return an error code specifying the origin of the failure. Some possible errors are the following:
  • The task pointer is
  • Memory allocation failed.
  • The computation failed for another reason.
For the list of available status codes, see "Task Status and Error Reporting".
Data Fitting computational routines do not control errors for floating-point conditions, such as overflow, gradual underflow, or operations with Not a Number (NaN) values.

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