Developer Reference


Data Fitting Usage Model

Consider an algorithm that uses the Data Fitting functions. Typically, such algorithms consist of four steps or stages:
  1. Create a task. You can call the Data Fitting function several times to create multiple tasks.
    status = dfdNewTask1D( &task, nx, x, xhint, ny, y, yhint );
  2. Modify the task parameters.
    status = dfdEditPPSpline1D( task, s_order, c_type, bc_type, bc, ic_type, ic, scoeff, scoeffhint );
  3. Perform Data Fitting spline-based computations. You may reiterate steps 2-3 as needed.
    status = dfdInterpolate1D(task, estimate, method, nsite, site, sitehint, ndorder, dorder, datahint, r, rhint, cell );
  4. Destroy the task or tasks.
    status = dfDeleteTask( &task );

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