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  • 10/21/2020
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Convolution and Correlation Task Editors

Task editors in convolution and correlation API of
Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library
are routines intended for setting up or changing the following task parameters (seeTable
"Convolution and Correlation Task Parameters"
  • mode
  • internal_precision
  • start
  • decimation
For setting up or changing each of the above parameters, a separate routine exists.
Fields of the task descriptor structure are accessible only through the set of task editor routines provided with the software.
The work data computed during the last commitment process may become invalid with respect to new parameter settings. That is why after applying any of the editor routines to change the task descriptor settings, the task loses its commitment status and goes through the full commitment process again during the next execution or copy operation. For more information on task commitment, see the Introduction to Convolution and Correlation.
"Task Editors"
lists available task editors.
Task Editors
Changes the value of the parameter
for the operation of convolution or correlation.
Changes the value of the parameter
for the operation of convolution or correlation.
Sets the value of the parameter
for the operation of convolution or correlation.
Sets the value of the parameter
for the operation of convolution or correlation.
You can use the
task pointer in calls to editor routines. In this case, the routine is terminated and no system crash occurs.

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