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  • 10/21/2020
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Random Streams

Random stream (or stream) is an abstract source of pseudo- and quasi-random sequences of uniform distribution. You can operate with stream state descriptors only. A stream state descriptor, which holds state descriptive information for a particular BRNG, is a necessary parameter in each routine of a distribution generator. Only the distribution generator routines operate with random streams directly. See VS Notes for details.
Random streams associated with abstract basic random number generator are called the abstract random streams. See VS Notes for detailed description of abstract streams and their use.
You can create unlimited number of random streams by VS Service Routines like
and utilize them in any distribution generator to get the sequence of numbers of given probability distribution. When they are no longer needed, the streams should be deleted calling service routine
VS provides service functions
to save random stream descriptive data to a binary file and to read this data from a binary file respectively. See VS Notes for detailed description.

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