• 04/03/2020
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Get Started with Intel® Distribution of OpenVX* Implementation

Read this section for details on downloading and installation of Intel® Distribution of OpenVX* Implementation.
Install Intel® Distribution of OpenVX* Implementation
Download the latest release package file from https://software.intel.com/en-us/OpenVINO-toolkit/choose-download.
  1. Open a command prompt terminal window.
  2. Change directory to where you downloaded the package file. If you downloaded the package file to the current user's Downloads directory:
    cd ~/Downloads/
  3. By default, the file is saved as
  4. Unpack the .tgz file:
    tar -xvzf l_openvx_p_<version>.tgz
  5. The files are unpacked to the l_openvx_p_<version> directory.
  6. Go to the l_openvx_p_<version> directory:
    cd l_openvx_p_<version>
Installation Notes:
  • Use either a GUI installation wizard or command-line instructions (CLI).
  • Screenshots are provided for the GUI, but not for CLI. The following information also applies to CLI and will be helpful to your installation where you will be presented with the same choices and tasks.
  1. Choose your installation option:
    1. Option 1: GUI Installation Wizard:
      sudo ./install_GUI.sh
    2. Option 2: Command-Line Instructions:
      sudo ./install.sh
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen. Watch for informational messages such as the following in case you must complete additional steps:
    Installation Prerequisites screen
  3. If you select the default options, the Installation summary GUI screen looks like this:
    Installation Summary screen
    • Optional: You can choose Customize to change the installation directory or the components you want to install:
      Components screen
    • When installed as root, the default installation directory for the Intel® Distribution of OpenVX* Implementation is
    • For simplicity, a symbolic link to the latest installation is also created:
  4. A Complete screen indicates that the core components have been installed:
    Installation Complete screen
Steps for Intel® Processor Graphics (GPU)
The steps in this section are required only if you want to use processor graphics (GPU) on your system.
  1. Go to the
    install_dependencies directory
    cd /opt/intel/openvx/install_dependencies/
  2. Enter the super user mode:
    sudo -E su
  3. Install the Intel® Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL™ driver components required to use the GPU plugin and write custom layers for Intel® Integrated Graphics:
    You may see the following command line output:
    Add OpenCL user to video group Run script to install the 4.14 kernel script
    Ignore those suggestions and continue.
Next Steps
You have completed all required installation steps in this guide. For next steps, see:

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