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Create Configuration File

Create a new text file in a text editor and save it with the
extension. Add the necessary filtering options into the configuration file to make the Intel® Trace Collector trace only the data you want to appear in the resulting trace file. To make Intel Trace Collector read the file, set its full path in the
environment variable. See instructions for each filtering setting below.
Use the following filter settings:
  • STATE defines the functions that will appear in the collected trace file.
    filters functions by their full names, for example:
  • ACTIVITY is a shortcut for
    . It filters functions by their class names, for example:
  • SYMBOL is a shortcut for
    . It filters functions by their names, excluding class name, for example:
  • PROCESS enables trace collection for a particular number of processes.
  • TIME-WINDOWS collects events within the specified period of time.
  • COMPRESS-RAW-DATA saves raw data in the compressed format.
To get detailed information about filtering process, filtering options, and configuration syntax, refer to the
Intel® Trace Collector User and Reference Guide
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