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  • 10/23/2020
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Breaking on SMM Entry

Intercepting the SMM entry point to start debugging the SMM.
System Management Mode can only be entered through System Management Interrupt (SMI). To intercept SMI:
  1. Halt the target by clicking the
    Suspend button in the main Eclipse* toolbar.
  2. In the Breakpoints view, set a platform break of type SmmEntry as described in Setting Platform Breaks.
  3. Resume the target by clicking the
    Resume button and wait till the SMI is hit.
If the SMM entry has not been intercepted, you can force SMI by writing to port 0xb2 on most platforms. Remember, the thread needs to be halted to execute the write operation on the IO Port. In the ISD shell, run the command below and repeat step 3:
threads[0].ioport.write(0xb2, 1, 1)
Once the debugger has stopped at the SMM Entry break, it will automatically restore the debug registers. Updated registers are highlighted in the Registers view.
Software breakpoints cannot be set in SMM. Make sure you only set address breakpoints of type Hardware.

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