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  • 07/29/2020
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Configuring the Scan for Debug Information

The functionality of
load this
Load Available Debug Symbols (formerly named Load This) is based on scanning the memory for PE/COFF module headers.
The default way of loading debug information by pressing
load this
Load Available Debug Symbols button (see instructions here) implies the following conditions to be true:
  • You want to load the debug information of the module being currently executed.
    This means that the start address for the scanning is the current program counter.
  • Most of modules to be loaded are aligned at the page boundary.
    This means, the default stride equals the page size.
  • Modules to be loaded are not bigger than 4KB.
To load information with custom parameters, launch the
debugger icon
ISD Shell and execute the following command:
threads[N].symbols.load_this([<start>], [<alignment>], [<search_range>])
  • N
    is the number of a hardware thread
  • start
    points to the address to start scanning for debug information
  • alignment
    defines the scan stride size in bytes
  • search_range
    defines the scan range size in bytes.
All parameters are optional - if you omit them, the default values are used.
For instructions on fixing other issues, see the Troubleshooting section.

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