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  • 10/23/2020
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Debug View

Window > Show View > Debug
debug view
The Debug view shows the target debugging information in a tree hierarchy. Each thread is represented as a tree node. When threads are suspended, the Debug view displays the stack frame for the threads for each target you are debugging.
See Target Run Control for instructions on controlling the target state.
The tree nodes are marked with the following icons:
Session Item
debugger icon
Launch instance
Launch configuration name and launch type
show target breakpoints
debug instance suspended
Debugger instance
Debugger name
thread instance running
thread instance suspended
Thread instance
Thread number and state
stack frame instance
Stack frame instance
Stack frame number, function, file name, and file line number
View Toolbar Options
You can interact with the Debug view using the following default buttons:
remove all
Remove All Terminated Launches
Removes all terminated process instances from the view.
instruction stepping mode
Instruction Stepping Mode
Enables the Instruction Stepping mode examine a program as it steps into disassembled code.
View Menu
Open a list of the following options: +
  • Layout: provides layout options for the view.
  • Show Debug Toolbar: displays additional toolbar with options for the target run control.
Debug Toolbar Options
To display additional run control options, select Show Debug Toolbar in the Debug view menu.
The following buttons are available for interaction with the Debug view specifically:
Drop To Frame
Re-enters the selected stack frame in the Debug view.
Use Step Filters
Enables using step filters in the Debug view.

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