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Variables View

Display information on local variables for the selected stack frame.
Window > Show View > Variables
variables view
The Variables view displays an expandable tree structure of local variables associated with the stack frame selected in the Debug view. Alternatively, you can display the value of a particular local variable by hovering over its instance in code. You can see details on a selected variable on the bottom of the Variables view.
If the debugger cannot display the value of a particular variable and sets it to
, refer to the corresponding case described in the Troubleshooting section.
During a debug session, you can change values of variables to check how they are handled or to go through a loop faster. To do it, right-click a variable, select Change Value, and type in a new value.
To disable a variable and prevent the debugger from reading it, right-click a variable and select Disable. It might be useful if a target is very sensitive.
View Toolbar Options
You can interact with the Variables view using the following buttons:
show logical structure
Show Logical Structure
Displays the logical structure of variables.
collapse all
Collapse All
Collapses all currently expanded variable instances in the view.
open new view
Open New View
Opens a new Variables view.
pin view
Pin to Debug Context
Pins the variable to the associated debug context.
view menu
View Menu
Provides the following configuration options: +
  • Layout: sets an alternative layout for the view.

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