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Custom Analysis

Create a new custom analysis type based on available predefined analysis configurations.
To create and run a new custom analysis type:
: Make sure a
project is created.
  1. Click the (standalone GUI)/ (Visual Studio IDE)
    Configure Analysis
    button on the
    Intel® VTune™
    Configure Analysis
    window opens.
  2. From the
    pane, click the Browse button and choose an analysis type to customize, for example: Threading.
  3. Click the
    creates an editable copy of the selected configuration and adds it to the
    Custom Analysis
  4. Manage the custom configuration using the following controls:
    Enable an editable mode for the configuration and specify the following analysis identifiers:
    • Analysis name
      : Enter/edit a name of this custom analysis type.
    • Command line name
      : Enter/edit a name of the custom analysis type that will be used as an identifier when analyzing the project from the command line. Keep it short for your convenience.
    • Analysis identifier
      : Specify a shorthand identifier to be appended to the name of each result produced by this analysis type. For example, adding the
      identifier for the Threading analysis result produces the following result name:
      , where
      is the result number.
    • Comments
      : Provide a short meaningful description of the analysis type you create. This information may help you easily identify the analysis type specifics later.
    Customize a copy of the selected analysis.
    Delete the custom analysis.
    Configuration options available for a new custom configuration depend on the original analysis you customize.
  5. Click the
    button to run the analysis.

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