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Sample After Value

For a custom event-based sampling data collection, set up the Sample After Value (SAV) that is a frequency with which the
Intel® VTune™
interrupts the processor to collect a sample during hardware event-based data collection. SAV is measured as the number of events it takes to trigger a sample collection.
A Sample After Value that is too small causes the sampling interrupts to occur too frequently, which can lead to performance degradation and system instability.
enforces a floor value to prevent such a behavior. The recommended value is 1000 samples per second per processor.
sets the Sample After value for hardware events automatically. For predefined hardware-level analysis types, the Sample After value is displayed in the
Configure Analysis
window >
pane. You cannot edit the Sample After value provided in the table for each event. But during the data collection the
may adjust it by a multiplier. The multiplier depends on the sampling interval value specified in the
To edit the default Sample After value, you need to create a custom hardware event-based analysis type (based on an existing type), add events, if required, and edit a Sample After value in the events table by selecting it as follows:

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