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Choose how to show system functions in the call stack.


- Type of call stack display. The following values are available:
Display both system and user functions.
Show user functions only.
Show user functions and system functions called directly from user functions.
Collected data is attributed to user functions and system functions called directly from user functions.
Use the
option when performing data collection, finalization or importation, to set call stack data attribution for the result or report. If set for collection, finalization or importation, this sets the default view when the result is opened in the GUI, and applies to any reports unless overridden in the command used to generate the report.
Generate a hotspots result and include system as well as user functions in the call stack. This is now the project-level setting, and if the result is viewed in the GUI, the call stack shows both user functions and system functions.
vtune -collect hotspots -call-stack-mode all -- myApp.exe
This command generates a hotspots report from the most recent hotspots analysis result, groups the result data by function, and then overrides the project-level setting so that the call stack shows user functions plus system functions called directly from user functions.
vtune -report hotspots -group-by function -call-stack-mode user-plus-one

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