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Specify substrings for the column names to display only corresponding columns in the report.


- Full name of the column or its substring.
Actions Modified
Filter in the report to display only data columns (typically corresponding to performance metrics or hardware events) with the specified
in the title. For example, specify
to view only Total metrics in the report. Columns used for data grouping are always displayed.
To display a list of columns available for a particular report, type:
-report <
> -r <
> column=?
Display grouping and data columns only for event columns with the
string in the title:

vtune -R hw-events -r r000ue -column=INST_RETIRED.
Obtain a list of columns available for the hw-events report for a Microarchitecture Exploration analysis result on Linux*:

vtune -report hw-events -r /temp/test/r029ue/r029ue column=? vtune: Using result path '/temp/test/r029ue/r029ue' Available values for '-column' option are: Function Module Hardware Event Count:UOPS_RETIRED.ALL_PS:Self Module Function (Full) Source File Module Path Start Address

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