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Specify grouping in a report.


Grouping level that depends on the report type.
Varies by report;
is the most common default.
Actions Modified
Use the
action-option to group data in your report by your specified criteria. For multiple grouping levels, add arguments separated by commas (no spaces).
For some reports (for example,
report) you can specify only a single grouping level.
To display a list of available groupings for a particular report, type:
-report <
> -r <
> group-by=?
. If you do not specify a result directory, the latest result is used by default.
value groups the result data both by function and by module. To group just by the function, use
Output a hotspots report for the latest result with data grouped by module:

vtune -report hotspots -group-by module
Output a hotspots report for the latest result with data grouped by thread and function:

vtune -report hotspots -group-by thread,function
Display all available hotspots report groupings for a Hotspots analysis result on Linux*:

vtune -R hotspots -r /temp/test/r029hs/r029hs group-by=? vtune: Using result path '/temp/test/r029hs/r029hs' Available values for '-group-by' option are: basic-block : Basic Block function : Function function-mangled : Function module : Module module-path : Module Path process : Process thread-id : TID process-id : PID source-file : Source File source-line : Source Line source-file-path : Source File Path thread : Thread callstack : Call Stack cpuid : Logical Core address : Code Location function-start-address : Start Address source-function : Source Function package : Package source-function-stack : Source Function Stack core : Physical Core class : Class cacheline : Cacheline data-address : Data Address tasks-and-interrupts : Task and Interrupt context : Context vcore : VCore The following items can be specified only as the final grouping level: callstack, source-function-stack.

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