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Hardware Events Report

Intel® VTune™
counts the number of hardware events during the Hardware Event-based Sampling Collection to help you understand how the application utilizes available hardware resources. Use the
report type to display hardware events count per application functions in the descending order by default.
This example generates the
report for the specified Hotspots analysis (
hardware event-based sampling
vtune -report hw-events -r r001hs

Function Hardware Event Count: Hardware Event Count: Hardware Event Count: Hardware Event Count: Module INST_RETIRED.ANY (K) CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.THREAD (K) CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.REF_TSC (K) BR_INST_RETIRED.NEAR_TAKEN (K) ---------------------------- --------------------- --------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------------ ----------------- grid_intersect 11,901,341 16,145,531 17,464,710 1,620,825 analyze_locks sphere_intersect 7,944,651 10,759,847 11,794,832 934,564 analyze_locks grid_bounds_intersect 845,537 1,190,025 1,299,113 86,424 analyze_locks Gdiplus::Graphics::DrawImage 667,500 1,255,001 1,246,747 47,194 analyze_locks video::next_frame 241,619 279,866 212,356 24,419 analyze_locks pos2grid 195,869 269,137 294,850 18,410 analyze_locks tri_intersect 173,193 271,435 296,786 14,919 analyze_locks shader 172,992 269,044 314,679 21,040 analyze_locks Raypnt 162,623 206,349 204,826 26,100 analyze_locks ...

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