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Collect System-Wide Data from Command Line

To extend your analysis and collect performance data for other processes running on your system, you may choose between two options:
System-wide collection is available for Hardware Event-based Sampling Collection types only.

System Analysis with a Target Application

To analyze your target application AND all other processes running on your system at the moment, specify your application and enable system-wide analysis with the
option. In this mode, the collection duration is defined by the duration of your application execution.
This mode is particularly convenient for types of the collection that require an application to be launched. For example, you may run a Frame or Task analysis (available for application targets only) and collect system-wide data at the same time.
This example runs the Hotspots analysis in the
hardware event-based sampling
for the
application and collects data system-wide.

vtune -collect hotspots -knob sampling-mode=hw -analyze-system -- /home/test/sample
The following example runs the Microarchitecture Exploration analysis (former General Exploration) for the
application, including user tasks specified in your code via the Task API, and collects data system-wide.

vtune -collect uarch-exploration -knob enable-user-tasks=true -- /home/test/sample

System Analysis without a Target Application

To profile your system without specifying a target application (equal to the
Profile System
target type in GUI), you just need to specify the collection duration.
This example runs a system-wide Hotspots analysis
hardware event-based sampling
for 60 seconds.

vtune -collect hotspots -knob sampling-mode=hw --duration 60

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