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Install the Sampling Drivers for Windows* Targets

To install the drivers on Windows* 7 (deprecated) and Windows* Server 2008 R2 operating systems, you must enable the SHA-2 code signing support for these systems by applying Microsoft Security update 3033929. If the security update is not installed, event-based sampling analysis types will not work properly on your system.
To verify the sampling driver is installed correctly on a Microsoft Windows* OS, open the command prompt as an administrator and run the
utility located at
To make sure your system meets all the requirements necessary for the hardware event-based sampling collection, enter:
amplxe-sepreg.exe -c
This command performs the following dependency checks required to install the sampling driver:
  • platform, architecture, and OS environment
  • availability of the sampling driver binaries:
    , and
  • administrative privileges
  • 32/64-bit installation
To check whether the sampling driver is loaded, enter:
amplxe-sepreg.exe -s
If the sampling driver is not installed but the system is supported by the
, execute the following command with the administrative privileges to install the driver:
amplxe-sepreg.exe -i

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