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WHERE: Analysis System

Before running a performance analysis, make sure to prepare your
target system
, which is a system where a profiling session runs.
The target system can be the same as the
host system
, which is a system where you have installed
. If you run an analysis on the same system where you installed
(i.e. target system=host system), the target system is called a
system. Target systems other than local ones are called
remote systems
When you create a project, the
Configure Analysis
window opens pre-configured to run Performance Snapshot on the local host. Click on the analysis name in the
pane to open the Analysis Tree, where you can choose a different analysis type.
Configure Analysis: System
Use these options to decide where you want to run the analysis.
Local Host
Run an analysis on the local host system.
This type of the target system is not available for macOS*.
Remote Linux (SSH)
Run an analysis on a remote regular or embedded Linux* system.
uses the SSH protocol to connect to your remote system.
Android Device (ADB)
Run an analysis on an Android device.
uses the Android Debug Bridge* (adb) to connect to your Android device.
Communication Agent (TCP/IP)
Profile an embedded system running a real-time operating system using the Analysis Communication Agent.
Arbitrary Host (not connected)
Create a command line configuration for a platform NOT accessible from the current host, which is called an .
Explore system-specific requirements for analysis targets:

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