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Problem: No GPU Utilization Data Is Collected

Intel® VTune™
collects detailed GPU utilization data during GPU Offload (preview) or GPU Compute/Media Hotspots analysis.


Intel® VTune™
may not collect the detailed GPU utilization data in the following cases:
  • GPU analysis is run without root privileges.
  • Intel Graphics driver is not signed properly.
  • Linux kernel is configured with the CONFIG_FTRACE option disabled.


Depending on the root cause, which is typically identified by the
and described in a warning message, consider one of the following workarounds:
  • Make sure to properly set up your system for GPU analysis.
  • Since detailed GPU utilization analysis relies on the Ftrace* technology (i915 Ftrace events collection), your Linux kernel should be properly configured.
    • If you update the kernel rarely, configure and rebuild only module i915.
    • If you update the kernel often, build the special kernel for GPU analysis.
If your system does not support i915 Ftrace event collection, all the GPU Utilization statistics will be calculated based on the hardware events and attributed to the
Render and GPGPU

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