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is Slow to Respond When Collecting or Displaying Data

This problem is specific to Linux* targets.


  • If your project directory (and consequently, the result files) are located on an NFS-mounted directory and not on a local disk, this significantly impacts performance of the tool in several areas: writing of the results is slower, updating project information is slower, and when loading the results for display you may see delays of several minutes.
  • If application binaries are on an NFS-mounted drive but not on a local drive, the
    takes longer to parse symbol information and present the results.


Make sure your project directory (and consequently, the result files) and application binaries are located on a local disk and not an NFS-mounted directory. By default, the projects are stored in
. If your home directory is on an NFS-mounted drive to facilitate access from multiple systems, you should ensure that you set the project directory to a local directory at project creation.

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