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Error Message: No Pre-built Driver Exists for This System

When executing the
script on Linux*, you may see a warning message similar to the following if the kernel sources are not configured properly (they do not match the kernel that is running):
Warning: Current running kernel is version 2.4.18-e.31smp
. After successfully building the driver and running the
command, the following message appears:
No pre-built driver exists for this system


To resolve this issue, execute the following commands to configure the kernel sources:
$ cd /usr/src/linux
$ make mrproper
$ cp /boot/config-'uname-r' .config
$ vi Makefile
Make sure that
matches the tail of the output of
uname -r
. The resulting
should have a
that matches the output of
uname -r
. Once that is true, run the following commands:
$ make oldconfig
$ make dep
After completing these steps, run the
script to build the sampling driver against the kernel sources in

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