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How do I configure remote data collection using
Intel® VTune™

Intel VTune
can collect performance data on the system on which it is installed (Windows* or Linux* only; macOS* data collection is not supported) or on a remote target system (Windows, Linux, or Android* targets). To analyze performance on a remote system, follow these general steps:
  1. (Linux only) Configure password-less SSH access to the target system. Password-less SSH access is required for running a remote analysis because
    will not prompt for a password once analysis collection begins. For detailed steps, see Configuring SSH Access for Remote Collection.
    will not automatically install drivers on the remote system unless you connect via SSH as the root user. If you want to run an event-based collection, but do not want to set up password-less SSH access using the root user account, manually install the drivers on the target system. For detailed steps, see Sampling Drivers.
  2. (Android only) Configure ADB access to the target system. For detailed steps, see Android* System Setup.
  3. Launch
    and open the
    Configure Analysis
  4. Select the appropriate target system from the
    pane. For
    Remote Linux (SSH)
    targets, specify the username, hostname, and port in the
    SSH Destination
    connects to the remote target and installs appropriate collectors and drivers (if root access was provided). This can take a few seconds.
  5. Specify a target type in the
    • Launch Application
      : specify the location of the process on the target system.
    • Attach to Process
      : select a process from the list of available processes running on the target system.
    • Launch Android Package
      : select an application and corresponding package (
      ) available on the target system from the list of available packages.
  6. Select an analysis type from the
    pane and click
    to run the analysis on the remote system.
For detailed steps for setting up remote collection on a specific target system, use the following topics:

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