Intel® Media Server Studio Video Quality Caliper User Guide

Submitted: May 30, 2018 Last updated: May 30, 2018
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Detailed Description

Intel® Media Server Studio 2017 R3 - Video Quality Caliper (VQC) is a graphical utility for objective and visual quality inspection of encoded or uncompressed videos. It is able to work with elementary AVC, HEVC and VP9 streams decoding them on-the-fly using embedded Intel® Media SDK software decoders. It also supports several uncompressed YUV video formats making it useful for the new codec development. In order to measure objective visual quality, fast and accurate implementations of the mainstream PSNR/SSIM metrics (VQM), together with some experimental ones, are provided. Selected VQMs are visualized as a per-frame graph in the main application window together with frame preview and RD-chart toggle. Additionally, videos can be inspected per-frame with help of a details window that supports rapid switching between three streams, arbitrary zoom, color channel selection and difference highlighting.

VQC is using Qt library and D3JS visualization library, VP8/VP9 decoder implementation is based on reference WebM libvpx library.

Product and Performance Information


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