Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 27, January 2017

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  • Letter from the Editor: The Changing HPC Landscape Still Looks the Same, by Henry A. Gabb
    Henry A. Gabb is a long-time high-performance and parallel computing practitioner and has published numerous articles on parallel programming.
  • The Present and Future of the OpenMP* API Specification, by Michael Klemm, Alejandro Duran, Ravi Narayanaswamy, Xinmin Tian, and Terry Wilmarth
    How the gold standard parallel programming language has improved with each new version.
  • Reducing Packing Overhead in Matrix-Matrix Multiplication, by Kazushige Goto, Murat Efe Guney, and Sarah Knepper
    Improve performance on multicore and many-core Intel® architectures, particularly for deep neural networks.
  • Identify Scalability Problems in Parallel Applications, by Vladimir Tsymbal
    How to improve scalability for Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors using new Intel® VTune™ Amplifier memory analysis.
  • Vectorization Opportunities for Improved Performance with Intel® AVX-512, by Martyn Corden
    Examples of how Intel® Compilers can vectorize and speed up loops.
  • Intel® Advisor Roofline Analysis, by Kevin O’Leary, Ilyas Gazizov, Alexandra Shinsel, Zakhar Matveev, and Dmitry Petunin
    A new way to visualize performance optimization trade-offs.
  • Intel-Powered Deep Learning Frameworks, by Pubudu Silva
    Your path to deeper insights.

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