Intel® AI Skills

Add AI features to your applications with Windows Vision Skills*. Deliver hardware-accelerated AI applications using included pretrained models, pre- and post-processing capabilities, and inferencing. Gain faster computation on CPUs, GPUs, VPUs, and Gaussian Network Accelerators (GNAs).

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Windows Machine Learning* (WinML)

This high-performance, reliable API for running machine learning inferences on Windows* devices allows developers to use trained machine learning models in Windows apps that are written in C#, C++, or JavaScript*. WinML is the broad ecosystem AI solution for PCs. Hardware optimization from Intel make these applications power efficient and high performing.

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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

The toolkit is targeted at developers who need hardware customization options and support for multiple operating systems. Accelerate development of high-performance computer vision and deep learning inference into vision applications. Enable deep learning on hardware accelerators and flexible deployment across multiple types of Intel® platforms (CPU, GPU with Intel® Processor Graphics, and VPU). This distribution includes the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit with a model optimizer and inference engine.

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Apple* Machine Learning

The Core ML* framework from Apple* helps accelerate domain-specific machine learning capabilities, such as image analysis, object detection, and natural language processing. Core ML allows you to take advantage of Intel® processors and Intel® Processor Graphics Architecture to build and run machine learning workloads on the device. As a result, your data remains on the device, removing its dependency on network connectivity as well as security concerns.

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macOS* Machine Learning on Intel® Processor Graphics

Intel® Processors

Accelerate your deep learning work with this efficient compute solution. Get access to these hardware resources with WinML and the Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit (available with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit) to deliver your AI-enabled products to market.

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Intel® Graphics Technology

Available inside many Intel-based PCs, Intel Graphics Technology offers immediate access to powerful acceleration of your most challenging inference workloads. This technology powers WinML and the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit to deliver efficient GPU acceleration.

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Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Unit (VPU)

This unit enables visual intelligence at a high compute per watt, and supports camera processing, computer vision, and deep learning inference. It is ideal for autonomous service robots, drones, smart IP cameras, digital security and surveillance, smart home, wearables, and more.

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