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Emulate human vision in applications across Intel® hardware, as well as extend workloads and maximize performance.

Build, analyze, optimize, and scale high-performance computing applications with vectorization, multithreading, parallelization, and more.

Accelerate system bring-up and optimization to get from presilicon to production faster.

Create IoT solutions for CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other accelerator architectures with this set of tools. The Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit is required.

Buy the Intel® oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit with priority support for high-performance, high-fidelity visual experiences.

Diverse workloads require diverse architectures. oneAPI simplifies programming across CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other accelerators.

Purchase the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit with priority support to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications.

Intel® Fortran Compiler

Build applications that can scale for the future with optimized code designed for Intel® architecture.

Enhance deep learning frameworks via a library that combines primitives and a single API to develop for CPUs, GPUs, or both.

Speed performance of Data Parallel C++ kernels on CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs with this standards-based library.

Use 15 tools and libraries to build and deploy high-performance, data-centric applications. The toolkit includes the Data Parallel C++ language.

This library includes a set of high-speed algorithms: analysis, math, training and prediction functions, and more.