Optimized & Portable Containers from Intel

  • Scale applications in the cloud and other compute environments
  • Run Intel®-optimized applications
  • Transfer highly portable containers to other Intel® processor-based compute infrastructure
  • Achieve peak performance on Intel® architecture

Choose your Intel®-tuned container and get started.

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Build, analyze, optimize, and scale high-performance computing (HPC) applications with the latest techniques in vectorization

Tailored for developers who bring the power of big data technology to global innovations like healthcare, smart homes, aerosp

Run large tests with this Snap Serverspec container.

Use these tools to accelerate each step in the pipeline: training deep neural networks, integrating trained models into appli

Container: Analytics Zoo

Build a deep learning application on Apache Spark* and BigDL using an end-to-end analytics and AI platform.

Access a core set of tools and libraries for building and deploying high-performance, data-centric applications across divers

This lightweight distributed, real-time serving solution supports a wide range of deep learning models, such as TensorFlow*,

This open source hardware accelerated video driver supports Intel® HD Graphics.

Snap can collect metrics in various environments, including Docker* containers and Kubernetes*. For instance, you can run it

This sensor library includes high-level APIs that make it easy to connect and use sensors and actuators in IoT solutions. Cho

This hardware abstraction library allows control of low-level communication protocols (such as GPIO, analog, I²C, and SPI) by

This inference component is compatible with TensorFlow Serving API and uses the OpenVINO toolkit inference execution engine i