A Development Sandbox for Data Center to Edge Workloads

Develop, test, and run your workloads for free on a cluster of the latest Intel® hardware and software. With integrated Intel® optimized frameworks, tools, and libraries, you'll have everything you need for your projects.

Try Out Intel® Hardware

Expand your skills and experiment with this state-of-the-art cluster that offers capabilities such as natural language processing and time-series analysis, as well as edge acceleration hardware.

Develop with Intel Software

Jump-start your projects without having to download, configure, or install the latest compilers, performance libraries, and tools from Intel.

Use Popular AI Frameworks

Accelerate your algorithms and applications with Intel® Optimized AI Frameworks that are ready for training and inference.

What You Can Do

✔ Learn the oneAPI unified programming model.

✔ Train AI models for natural language processing, convolutional neural networks, and distributed training.

✔ Perform AI inference comparisons, deep learning for computer vision, and hardware acceleration.

✔ Develop designs and intellectual property for custom hardware IP and FPGA designs.

✔ Teach advanced FPGA-based university courses.