Develop your computer vision applications using the Intel® DevCloud, which includes a preinstalled and preconfigured version of the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.  Access reference implementations and pretrained models to help explore real-world workloads and hardware acceleration solutions.


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What You Can Do

Deep learning for computer vision

Traditional computer vision

Hardware acceleration

Inference performance comparisons

What You Get

  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVino™ Toolkit
  • Intel® optimized computer vision models
  • TensorFlow, ONNX, Intel® Optimization for Caffe*, Apache MXNet* frameworks
  • Tiny YOLO* V3, DeepLabV3, bidirectional LTSM topologies
  • Optimized API calls for OpenCV, OpenCL™, OpenVX*
  • 30 days of access (extensions available)
  • 50 GB of file storage


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