What's New: Release 2021.2

  • Build a scene graph with a single click to explore dependencies between resources within a frame in detail using the Render Target Dependency Viewer tool for DirectX* 11 applications.
  • Visualize the relationship between Render and Present queue packets and CPU thread calls. This enables you to see call and package dependencies between GPU queues and CPU threads for an efficient analysis. 
  • Check the duration and percentage of track activity for the current zoom area in Graphics Trace Analyzer, and spread the workload accordingly.
  • Added functionality to the Intel® GPA framework:
  • Improved multiframe analysis for DirectX 11 (Beta version) 
  • Collection of a DirectX* 12 query-based GPU time and duration metric for copy queues using DirectX 12 Pipeline Statistics and Timestamp Query Manager
  • Added support for Direct3D* 11 on 12 (also called D3D11On12). The underlying DirectX 12 calls are now collected for D3D11On12 commands and stored in a stream 
  • Improved support for DirectX 12 workloads 

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