System Analyzer

Isolate common bottlenecks that affect your game's performance in real time.

Graphics Trace Analyzer

Identify where you can evenly distribute workloads across the CPU and GPU.

Graphics Frame Analyzer

Visualize multiframe stream captures and select a frame to analyze down to the draw call level.

What's New: Release 2020.4

  • Support for Intel® Iris® Xᵉ MAX graphics
  • Identify and resolve synchronization issues easily through full support of DX12 Synchronization Events in Graphics Trace Analyzer
  • Profile across multiple GPUs (iGPU + dGPU) concurrently. View and analyze GPU metrics in System Analyzer and Graphics Trace Analyzer
  • Trigger a Vulkan* stream capture at any point in time while the application is running
  • Added functionality to the Intel® GPA framework:
    • Multiframe analysis now supported on DX11 (pre-alpha version)
    • Trigger multiple Vulkan and DX12 deferred stream captures during a single run
    • Reduce capture overhead by triggering captures at any point in the gameplay and specifying the number of frames

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Customer Success Stories

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Intel GPA helped this hit VR game achieve 60 FPS on a Microsoft Surface Pro* while maintaining good visual quality. The title performance significantly improved on integrated graphics from Intel, making the mainstream VR version of the game a reality.

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Engine Partners

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers is compatible with games built in Unity* and Unreal*. Optimize these games to increase frame rates and improve game performance for the optimal playing experience.

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