Start your journey into game development and graphics profiling with this wide range of tutorials, quick tips, and recorded training material.


Hone your game development skills with these quick video tips that explore application features such as the Keyframes and Shader Profiler.


Take a closer look at the features of this component to identify and analyze problem areas in your applications and distribute workloads evenly across CPUs and GPUs.


Take a closer look at the features of this component, including working with single and multiple frames, exploring the metrics viewer, and inspecting a draw call.


Intel® GPA Plug-In User Guide for Unreal Engine* 4

Capture a multiframe stream directly while you are in Unreal Editor and analyze it later using Graphics Frame Analyzer.

Locate and Resolve CPU and GPU Bottlenecks

Identify common bottlenecks due to hardware imbalance, game settings, and scene characteristics, and profile your game across CPUs and GPUs.

Optimize Your Games Early with Intel® GPA

Tune your games or graphics applications for Intel® hardware and achieve maximum performance and productivity.

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers Cookbook

Explore performance analysis scenarios (recipes) to help you solve real-world specific performance issues using Intel® GPA tools:


  • Platform-based graphics performance analysis
  • Performance optimization for Intel® Processor Graphics

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