Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) offers performance benefits for Intel® architecture improvements and new processor-specific optimizations.

  • Signal processing domain: Operations on 1D vectors of various data (digital signal processing [DSP] signals from the apparatus and sound)
  • Image processing domain: Operations on 2D images and pictures, various image filters, transforms similar to fast Fourier transforms (FFT), and image format conversions
  • Cryptography domain: Cross-platform, cross-operating system programming interface for commonly used cryptographic operations, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), RSA, and various hashes
  • Data compression domain: Several popular data compression algorithms (such as zlib and bzip) optimized for Intel architectures

Product and Performance Information


Intel's compilers may or may not optimize to the same degree for non-Intel microprocessors for optimizations that are not unique to Intel microprocessors. These optimizations include SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3 instruction sets and other optimizations. Intel does not guarantee the availability, functionality, or effectiveness of any optimization on microprocessors not manufactured by Intel. Microprocessor-dependent optimizations in this product are intended for use with Intel microprocessors. Certain optimizations not specific to Intel microarchitecture are reserved for Intel microprocessors. Please refer to the applicable product User and Reference Guides for more information regarding the specific instruction sets covered by this notice.

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