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Multithread Image Resize

Learn how to use the ippiResize functionality in single and multithread modes.

Use the parallel_for loop functionality for external multithreading. The multithreading mode works if the project is built with Intel® Threading Building Blocks support.

Multithreading for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor
Intel IPP libraries contain native Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture libraries. Use them to build native or offloaded applications on the architecture. This example shows how to use the libraries on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.
Resize Images in Android*

Learn how to use Intel IPP image resizing functionality in an Android environment.

The source code introduces two Java* classes:

  • IPPCore for library initialization and getting library information
  • IPPResize, which performs image resizing
Image Linear Transform (ipp_fft)

This example shows how to use two image linear transforms:

  • Fourier transforms (fast and discrete)
  • Discrete cosine transform (DCT)
External Threading Example (ipp_thread)
Learn about threading for an image harmonization filter. Since internal threading is deprecated, it is important to know how to externally thread a generic Intel IPP function.

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