What is oneAPI?

oneAPI is an open, unified programming model built on standards to simplify development and deployment of data-centric workloads across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and other accelerators.

Extract the most application performance on multiple types of Intel® architecture by using advanced, cross-architecture software development tools from Intel.

The Intel® oneAPI product family includes:

  • Industry-leading compilers
  • Performance libraries
  • Analyzer and debugger tools
  • Domain-specific toolkits, including libraries and accelerated workload tools

Expose and Exploit All the Cutting-Edge Features of the Latest Hardware

CPUs: Intel® Xeon, Intel® Core™, and Intel Atom® Processors

GPUs: Intel® Processor Graphics (Gen9, Gen11) and Xe Architecture

FPGAs: Intel® Arria® FPGA and Intel® Stratix® FPGA


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Intel® Academic Program for oneAPI

Intel connects with universities and students worldwide to evolve Intel® oneAPI Toolkits and the Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) language through interaction with the academic community.

Fellow Travelers

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The Latest oneAPI Projects

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oneAPI Application Catalog

Explore hundreds of applications that leverage elements of the Intel oneAPI cross-architecture programming model used by Intel partners, customers, and innovators.

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