Intel® VTune™ Profiler

Quickly Find and Fix Performance Bottlenecks and Realize All the Value of Your Hardware


Get the Big Picture and the Critical Details

With today’s variety of computer architectures, a performance profiler must be able to diagnose many kinds of bottlenecks. Intel VTune Profiler includes:

  • System and Application Overview Profiles: These identify where to focus tuning or how to configure systems. They collect less data and can run for a longer time.
    • Application Performance Snapshot is designed for clusters with thousands of ranks.
    • Platform Profiler is well suited to cloud servers.
    • Performance Snapshot examines individual applications.
  • Focused Profiles: These take a more detailed look at different classes of bottlenecks such as compute, memory, threading, accelerator offload, throttling, or I/O. Precise profiling information is annotated onto the code source.

Turn Raw Data into Answers

Performance optimization is a bit like solving a mystery. You gather the evidence, analyze it, and make sense of what’s really going on. Summaries, tips, filtering, and annotations make you more productive.

  • Source View: See the profiling results on your source
  • Timeline Filtering: Focus on bottlenecks as they change with time
  • Summary Reports: Get the big picture and tips for further analysis

Now Available as a Server

Intel VTune Profiler can be installed as an application or a server. A server installation lets a small group of users:

  • Access with a web browser
  • Share results with other users who have server access
  • Profile any target by preinstalling the collector agent or pushing from the server via SSH

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Intel VTune Profiler is a part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit.

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Try It Out

Follow the Get Started Guide and use an introductory code sample to see how Intel VTune Profiler works.

Get Started Guide

Learn Analysis Techniques

Browse the cookbooks to see if there are recipes for analysis of your performance bottlenecks.

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