Data Parallel C++ (DPC++)

DPC++ = ISO C++ and Khronos SYCL* and community extensions


  • Is an alternative to single-vendor proprietary languages
  • Allows code reuse across hardware targets (CPU, GPU, FPGA) and supports custom tuning for a specific platform
  • Enables each architecture to be programmed and used in isolation, or together

Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler

Companion Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library

Based on C++ and SYCL* Standards

  • Delivers the productivity benefits of familiar ISO C++
  • Incorporates standard SYCL* to support data parallelism and heterogeneous programming

Open Community Project

  • API extensions are driven by open and cooperative community development
  • Once proven, these enhancements are proposed to the parent specifications (C++ or SYCL) for implementation

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1. Concepts and Functionality

The Vector Add sample demonstrates oneAPI concepts and functionally using the DPC++ programming language. You will learn about:

  • Device selectors targeting different accelerators including GPU and FPGA
  • Buffers and accessors
  • Queues
  • Data parallel kernel “parallel_for”

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2. Unified Shared Memory (USM)

The Mandelbrot Set is a program that demonstrates oneAPI concepts and functionally using the DPC++ programming language. You will learn about:

  • Unified shared memory
  • Managing and accessing memory
  • Parallel implementation

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