Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

Powerful Libraries for High-Fidelity Rendering and Visualization Applications

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which presents the annual Academy Awards*, awarded Intel® Embree Ray Tracing library, a component in the Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, a Scientific & Technical Achievement Award in 2021. The award recognized Intel® Embree for its geometric rendering in contributing innovation in significant and lasting ways to the movie-making process.

Award recipients: Sven Woop, Carsten Benthin, Attila Afra, Manfred Ernst, and Ingo Wald

Sr. Director of Intel Advanced Rendering & Visualization, Jim (James L.) Jeffers

Visual expression is an integral part of our digital world. More accurate, more realistic, and richer imagery that is better aligned with the human visual system has proven beneficial across a diverse set of uses and industries. For example, imagery in medical research, geophysical exploration, motion pictures, product design, and cosmology can be quickly rendered into rich, realistic visuals.

▶ Next Era of Graphics with High-Performance Ray Tracing & Rendering [16.22]

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