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Develop applications and solutions that uses deep learning intelligence with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit. Based on convolutional neural networks (CNN), the toolkit extends workloads across Intel® hardware (including accelerators) and maximizes performance.

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High Performance, Deep Learning

Accelerate deep neural network workloads across multiple platforms to achieve faster, more accurate results for AI inference.

Streamlined Development

Enable a streamlined, end-to-end development and deployment workflow.

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere

The Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit supports heterogeneous execution across target environments with a high-level common API.

Intel offers a powerful portfolio of scalable hardware and software solutions, powered by the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, to meet the various performance, power, and price requirements of any use case. See how the toolkit can boost your inference applications across multiple deep neural networks with high throughput and efficiency. 


2020.3.1 LTS

Awarded by the Embedded Vision Alliance*

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