Intel® Performance Libraries for oneAPI

Download these free libraries today to create faster, reliable, and performant applications for heterogeneous computing.

Take advantage of powerful and award-winning performance libraries that optimize your code and shorten development time across architectures—CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and other accelerators.

Intel® oneAPI Math Kernel Library

Accelerate math-processing routines, increase performance, and reduce development time for science, engineering, and financial applications.

Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Gain a competitive, cross-platform performance advantage with this library that offers image, signal, compression, and cryptography functions for multiple operating systems and platforms.

Intel® oneAPI Threading Building Blocks

Simplify the work of adding parallelism to your applications, even if you’re not a threading expert, with this widely used C++ library for shared-memory parallel programming and heterogeneous computing.

Intel® oneAPI Data Analytics Library

Deploy high-performance data science, including machine learning and big-data analytics, across CPUs and GPUs with this industry-leading, easy-to-use performance library.

Intel® MPI Library

Improve distributed application performance and deliver flexible, efficient, and scalable cluster messaging on Intel® architecture.

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