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The suite is available in three editions and supports multiple operating systems and programming languages. Choose the one that meets your development needs.

Components Intel® System Studio 2020 Ultimate Edition Intel® System Studio 2020 Professional Edition Intel® System Studio 2020 Composer Edition
Intel® C++ Compiler
Intel® Math Kernel Library
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Intel® Threading Building Blocks
Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library
IoT Connection Tools
OpenCL™ Tools
Intel® VTune™ Profiler  
Energy Analysis  
Intel® Advisor  
Intel® Inspector  
Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers  
Intel® System Debugger    
Intel® Debug Extensions for WinDbg*    
Starting price (Prices may vary by edition and license.) $2399+ $1649+ $699+
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A number of resellers offer the full suite, which includes Priority Support. Renewing an existing license is another great way to stay up-to-date at an affordable price (especially if you renew before your subscription ends). We also provide discounted pricing for academic research.

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All paid versions of Intel® Software Development Products automatically include Priority Support for one year from your date of purchase.

You get:

  • Direct and private interaction with Intel’s engineers—submit confidential inquiries and code samples
  • Free access to all new product updates and continued access to, and support for, older versions of the product
  • Responsive help with your technical questions and other product needs for both new and older versions
  • Community product forums followed by expert users who cover all Intel Software Development Products
  • Access to a vast library of self-help documents that build off decades of experience with creating high-performance code
  • Extended support at a reduced rate

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Intel now offers a full-featured commercial license for free. The license can be renewed after the one-year limit. Students and classroom educators may qualify for a forum-supported free version.

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