From prototype to industrial deployment, discover the right sensor or actuator for your solution.

  • Develop in multiple languages: C, C++, Java*, Node.js*, and Python*.
  • Access support for multiple operating systems: Ubuntu*, Yocto Project*, Android Things*, Wind River*, Arch Linux*, ubilinux*, and Zephyr*.
  • Distribute and embed Useful Packages & Modules (UPM) freely under the open-source MIT license.
  • Obtain support for industry-standard communication protocols: Wi-Fi, ZigBee*, LoRa*, Bluetooth® low energy, GPS, and many more.
  • Run the same hardware-agnostic APIs (from microcontrollers to industrial gateways) on any supported platform.

Get Started

UPM uses MRAA, a hardware abstraction library, to allow control of low-level communication protocols (such as GPIO, analog, I²C, and SPI) by high-level languages and constructs. MRAA supports C, C++, Java, Python, and Node.js.