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See how companies around the world are using Intel® VTune™ Profiler to successfully optimize their software and gain a competitive advantage.

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Pexip* Speeds Enterprise-Grade Videoconferencing

High-definition video conferencing is a must-have in today’s business world. Find out how Pexip* leveraged Intel VTune Profiler and Intel® Advisor to increase performance of their world-class application by about two and a half times.

Twitter* Gets Up to 50 Percent Faster Runtimes for Apache Hadoop* Clusters

The social media giant boosts performance and cost efficiency with caching, fast SSDs, and more compute using tools like Intel VTune Profiler.


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CADEX Resolves a CAD Conversion Challenge

Using four complementary tools—Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, Intel® Inspector, and Intel VTune Profiler—CAD Exchanger software gains dramatic performance and user satisfaction, and delivers a competitive advantage for CADEX.

F5 Networks* Deliver Secure and Scaled DNS Solutions

Find out how Seattle-based F5 Networks* removes bottlenecks with its BIG-IP* DNS solution for developers with help from Intel® Parallel Studio and Intel VTune Profiler.

Customer Reviews

"We reached our final goal of 1080p100 [frames per second] encode in a single thread. The use of Intel VTune Profiler and the Intel Advisor vector tool have been critical to achieving this success. The two and a half times [the] performance gain allowed us to offer more than double the capacity at the same price point. For us, that translates into a major competitive advantage."

— Lars Petter Endresen, PhD, principal performance engineer,  Pexip*

"Intel VTune Profiler helped us identify system performance issues by analyzing and displaying CPU utilization, cache misses, and more, across multiple processors and server products. We optimized our product based on this analysis, improving overall performance by 12 percent on key workloads. Intel VTune Profiler was invaluable [by] quickly identifying optimization opportunities in our product."

— Charles Liu, solution integration, Server Product Business Unit, Acer* Inc.

"We very quickly prototyped our core algorithm and obtained performance considerably higher than with any other processor architecture. The Intel® C++ Compiler exploited vectorization opportunities and Intel VTune Profiler quickly identified a threading bottleneck that was simple to fix. Porting and tuning the kernel for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor was quick and efficient."

— Georg Viehoevers, senior staff engineer research and development, Silicon Engineering Group, Synopsys*

"We achieved a significant improvement of almost two times—even on one core—by optimizing the code based on the information provided by Intel VTune Profiler. Good scalability resulted from the combination of Intel Threading Building Blocks and OpenMP* parallelization techniques. We achieved over eight times the performance of the previous version on eight cores and almost eleven times [the] performance on 16 cores."

— Alexey Andrianov, deputy research and development director, Mechanical Analysis Division, Mentor Graphics*

"Intel VTune Profiler analyzes complex code and helps us identify bottlenecks rapidly. By using it and other Intel® Software Development Products, we were able to improve PIPESIM* performance up to 10 times compared with the previous software version."

— Rodney Lessard, senior scientist, Schlumberger*

"The new Intel VTune Profiler brings even more capability to an already indispensable tool. The sampling-based call stack hotspots are excellent and alone are worthy of the upgrade. We have also been impressed by how the concurrency and Locks and Waits analyses can even provide useful data on complex applications such as Premiere Pro*."

— Rich Gerber, engineering manager, MediaCore*, Adobe Systems Inc.

"Where this tool really shines is profiling OpenMP* code. We were able to achieve almost linear scaling in our application thanks to Intel VTune Profiler."

— Jaroslav Šindler, researcher, faculty of mechanical engineering, Czech Technical University

"The new interface is a joy to use. Intel VTune Profiler gives us precise, down-to-the-metal performance data that’s invaluable for pinpointing hotspots and evaluating the effect of optimizations."

— Daniel Schwarz, performance engineer, Nik Software

"The Intel VTune Profiler timeline is very information intensive. It organizes the data I need to tune threaded applications.”

— Sergey Zaritchny, software development manager, Open Cascade SAS*

"Intel VTune Profiler is essential for any serious production code if performance is key. I was able to make code run twenty times faster than our prototype version while handling five times the data load.”

— Artur Guzik, senior engineer, Neubrex Co. Ltd* (Japan)

"Intel VTune Profiler helped us identify potential performance bottlenecks in the design and engineering of our extremely complex, high performance networking systems.”

— James Hendergart, strategic initiatives director, F5 Networks

"One of the best features of Intel VTune Profiler is that it is easy to use. I did not need to read the documentation."

— Sergey Zaritchny, software development manager, Open Cascade SAS*

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