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Prepare, build, deploy, and scale your AI solutions.

AI use cases and workloads continue to grow and diversify across vision, speech, recommender systems, and more. Intel offers an unparalleled AI development and deployment ecosystem combined with a heterogeneous portfolio of AI-optimized hardware. The goal is to make it as seamless as possible for every developer, data scientist, researcher, and data engineer to accelerate their AI journey from the edge to the cloud.

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Intel® AI Software Suite

Builds Upon the Existing AI Software Ecosystem

Provides drop-in, 10x to 100x optimizations for popular frameworks and libraries in deep learning, machine learning, and big-data analytics, such as TensorFlow*, PyTorch*, scikit-learn*, XGBoost, Modin*, Apache Spark*, and more.

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Implements End-to-End Data Science and AI Workflow
Provides a rich suite of optimized libraries, frameworks, and tools for all your AI needs, including data preparation, training, inference, deployment, and scaling. 

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Delivers Unmatched Productivity and Performance
Provides the tools for deployment across diverse AI hardware by being built on the foundation of an open, standards-based, unified oneAPI programming model and constituent libraries.

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