Analytics Zoo

Seamlessly scale your AI models to big data clusters with thousands of nodes for distributed training or inference. Built on top of the open source frameworks of Apache Spark*, TensorFlow*, PyTorch*, OpenVINO™, and Ray, this unified analytics and AI platform has an extensible architecture to support more libraries and frameworks.

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Introduction to Analytics Zoo

Gain insight into the capabilities and features of this unified platform that includes a high-level API, native integration with the Apache Spark machine learning pipeline, built-in deep learning models, and more.

Solve a Regression Problem

Using the Keras-style API in Analytics Zoo, apply the data set from a car with attributes like horse power and weight to predict MPG (miles per gallon). See how to select features, build the model, train the model, and measure the accuracy.

Solve a Classification Problem

Using a loan dataset and the Keras-style API, predict loan risk based on attributes like credit score and employment. Learn how to select features, build the model, train the model, and measure accuracy.

TensorFlow* on Apache Spark* with Analytics Zoo

Analytics Zoo features TensorFlow*, which allows you to train and deploy TensorFlow and Keras models on Apache Spark* clusters. Learn how to take a standard set of Keras layers from TensorFlow and distribute the training of those layers on Apache Spark using Analytics Zoo.

Model Serving with Analytics Zoo

Use Analytics Zoo to deploy production applications. See how to extract your model, and then load and serve that model in any Java*, Scala, or other Java virtual machine (JVM) language.

Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit

Accelerate end-to-end machine learning and data science pipelines with optimized deep learning frameworks and high-performing Python* libraries.

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Write deep learning applications as standard Apache Spark* programs, which can directly run on top of existing Spark or Hadoop* clusters.

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Data Analytics and AI

Use optimized open source software technologies and tools from Intel to build complete AI-based data analytics solutions in an integrated, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure.