Data Analytics & AI

Unify Analytics and AI for Faster Insight at Scale

Build end-to-end AI-based data analytics solutions in an integrated, scalable, and high-performance infrastructure. Consolidate data ingestion, storage, preparation, processing, as well as AI model training and serving in a single, modern environment that uses open source software technologies and tools, optimized by Intel. 


Tools & Frameworks

Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit(Beta)

Accelerate end-to-end machine learning and data science pipelines with optimized deep learning frameworks and high-performing Python* libraries.

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Analytics Zoo

This unified analytics and AI open source platform seamlessly unites Apache Spark*, TensorFlow*, Keras*, BigDL, and other future frameworks into an integrated data pipeline. It scales AI models to big data clusters with thousands of nodes for distributed training or inference.

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Real-Time Product Recommendations for Office Depot* Using Apache Spark* and Analytics Zoo on Amazon Web Services (AWS)*

Learn about Intel's involvement in creating a deep learning recommender system to increase revenue per website visit.

Use Deep Learning with Analytic Zoo for Optimized Recommender AI Service in Mastercard*

Find out about this joint initiative between Mastercard* and Intel in building users-items propensity models for a universal recommender AI service.

Data-Fueled Insight Targeted for Clinical Medicine

The University of Southern California, San Francisco, uses BigDL for Apache Spark* to develop and train an AI model for early identification of osteoporosis and other clinical care challenges.

Build a Customer Service Platform on Microsoft Azure*

Read about the key practices of building a customer support platform using AI with Microsoft Azure* and Analytics Zoo.

Analytics Zoo: Unify Analytics & AI for Apache Spark*

Read about Intel's open-source solution to streamline end-to-end development and deployment.

Hands-On Training

Watch this video tutorial to get started with BigDL and deploy it as a Docker* container or a virtual machine.

Cray* on BigDL

Learn more about how Cray* is using BigDL with Urika*-XC for large-scale model training.

Set Up BigDL on the Microsoft Azure* Marketplace

See how to get a BigDL virtual machine running on the Microsoft Azure* Marketplace.